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September 26, 1999

Great site on the WKBR reunion... worked there as a jock in the early 80's.

My air name when I worked at KBR from 79-81 was Tim Riley. I was hired by then P.D. Dennis Burke who had been a jock at the old WHDH and filled in Larry Glick on WBZ. In '79, the KBR lineup was Bill Morrissey 5-9...Eddie B. Baker 9-noon (yes, it was Al Blake Sr.'s idea to bring him back to boost the sagging ratings) from noon-3...and Dennis Burke from 3-6...then Rudy Nelson..Talk!! (He was a memorable character to work with!)

Burke was fired, replaced by Holland Cooke who changed the format back to Top 40..we were playing standards!! This was after then-owner Don Teeters pulled the plug on the talk format which had some success but could never beat 'GIR.

We even had the KBR Moose (ala San Diego Chicken) which made personal appearances but to no avail. It was all very funny, and I was just a kid at the time.


Tim Riley, Hot Talk 1080, KOTK Portland, Oregon (send e-mail)

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