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(front l-r:) Dick Lutsk, Bob Molloy, Tom Holt, Paul Barrette & Ray Garon; (rear l-r:) Steve Vanni, Gary Duncan, Doug Aiken, Chris Michaels & Bob Cohen.

(left to right:) Jack Casey, Tom Holt, Eddie B. Baker, Donn Parker & Bill Morrissey.

Bill Morrissey, Joe Maltais and Dick Piper Doug Gove

Three WKBR "veterans" (l-r): Bill Morrissey (1954-83), Joe Maltais (1951-64) & Dick Piper (1951-60).

Doug Gove was on the original staff when WKBR signed on in 1946. He spent almost 30 years there, serving as engineer and announcer. (photo by Tom Holt)
dinner Warren Leary cake

Much of the success of the Reunion was due to Warren Leary's mastery over dozens of fresh lobsters. His crew also prepared steamed clams, fresh chowder, and a magnificent cake.

Among the attendees at the WKBR Reunion were Chuck Avia, Janice Bailey, Al Blake, Sr., Ruthann Cassell, Zara Chicaderis, Arthur Cooper, Bob Dachowski, Dan Davis, Ruthanne DeForrest, Charlie Dent, Ray Gilbert, Sally Gottlieb, Doug Gove, Jackie Kelly, Bruce Lyons, Jim McCann, Sr., Dave Messier, Dirk Nadon, Alan Paige, Bruce Reid, Earl Rinker, Clark Smidt, Ken Vachon & Gail Welch. Videotapes were sent by Ron Rolcari (aka Rumple) from Cape Cod and Bill Varney in Hollywood.

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