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On August 22, 1999 Lorene and Bob Molloy hosted a reunion of 125 former employees (and guests) of WKBR in Manchester, New Hampshire. Bob is a former engineer at the station. The guests were employed primarily during the ownership of Ralph Gottlieb's "Good Neighbor Stations" (1963-79).

Lorene and Bob Molloy

In October, 1992 Bob purchased the former WKBR building at 155 Front Street to house Molloy Sound & Video Contractors.

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WKBR began broadcasting at 6:00AM, October 2, 1946. It's founders were experienced broadcasters who built several additional stations as The Granite State Broadcasting Company. A year after WKBR was born, an FM sister was added (today known as WZID FM owned by Saga Broadcasting Partners).

H. Scott Kilgore William J. Barkley William F. Rust, Jr.
H. Scott Killgore William J. Barkley William F. Rust, Jr.
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