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March 9, 2005

Hi! I've enjoyed the WKBR alumni website. I worked there from the fall of 1958 until early 1959. I had worked, after I got out of Harvard, at WORL in Boston, then a "daytimer" and my show went off the air at sunset. My boss, Arthur Hailey, knew Ralph Gottlieb (rest both their good broadcasting souls!!) and got me a job at 'KBR 'til I went into the Army at Fort Bliss on my ROTC commission. I had a good, but very brief time, in Manchester. You can see my life in radio by clicking here.

I never was at WFEA in Manchester and have NO idea why this shows...all the rest is accurate.

I've retired from the semiconductor industry and live here in the San Francisco Bay area where I've been since 1961. I belong to "The Media Gang" in Boston and "Broadcast Legends" here in San Francisco. Radio is where my heart still is and thank God for the Internet to bring us all together...


Duane Wadsworth
71 Parker Avenue
Atherton, CA 94027-5415

WKBR  Top 30 Tunes - November 9, 1958
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