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WTIC's Bob Steele in 1980


"We're often asked what training is necessary to become an announcer. Here's Bob's answer: Born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1911; school, then newsboy, salesman, motorcycle racing, professional boxing, writing and a long list of business activities that have carried him from coast-to-coast and from Canada to the Gulf! Bob writes a column in several sports publications; is a comic cartoonist of no mean ability; lists as his favorite hobby Robert Hampton Steele, (Age 8 months)."
- from a 1939 station publication

While Bob Steele "retired" as morning drive host on September 30, 1991, he hosted a show on the first Saturday of each month through November, 2002. Steele was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago in October, 1995.

Bob died in his sleep December 6, 2002 at the age of 91. He was affiliated with WTIC (Hartford, Connecticut, USA) for 66 years.

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1940 with Hartford jeweler Bill Savitt with Babe Ruth 1940s with Floyd Patterson
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WTIC's Bob Steele - July 13, 1991
July 13, 1991

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