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Sunday, January 2, 2000 10:14:52AM

Hi...I am Burt Sherwood, one of the WMCA jocks of the 50's and early 60's. Much to my delight this morning, my old program partner (Bill Hennes, from my management years) sent me the WMCA top 21 sheet from 3/21/58...I noticed that the names of the people were omitted...they are left to right..Gallagher and O'Brian, Bob Callan, Ernie Stone, Bert Knapp, Alun Williams, Dave Leeds, Ed Welch, and me Burt Sherwood.

This was when WMCA was the top station in the ratings...Herb Oscar Anderson joined us later, along with Scot Muni, and the station went over the "top"...never at any time was it more dominant.

I have no idea of who you are, but if you have any more of this, I'd like to see it...after almost 42 years to be in cyber space is quite a kick ...I am most grateful, astounded, and happy to learn of kids are "nuts" over this too. Several of the "boys" on the sheet are no longer with us..Callan, Knapp, Williams and Welch. It brought tears to my eyes.

It must be my time I was just on TV on PBS on the Radio Rock an old jock and radio manager and survivor of the business...I thank you. I can be reached at

Happy New Year

Burt Sherwood