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May 8, 2001


Glad to read about my old stomping grounds...I have many pleasant memories of WKBR. I'm know a retired assistant vice chancellor of the University of Illinois.

Any attempt to cover my wanderings from a radio "personality"? to an assistant vice chancellor at a major university would be futile. Let's just say that my many and varied experiences and interests served me well over the years.

Also I was fortunate to have been on an active university campus during the heydays of Vietnam and civil rights protests, and the emergence of the women's and environmental movements. I had a front row seat as I was appointed by the chancellor to confront, and attempt to negotiate with, massive protests, often very violent. In fact, I've written a book about that period and hope it will be published soon.

As to an interesting memory - there were so many, but I'll mention one. Leo Cloutier, the sports edotor of the Manchester Union-Leader, broadcasted sports news every night on WKBR. His sponsor was Cott beverages (as I recall). The Cott ad always started with a jolting blast of music, I suppose as a way of grabbing a listener's attention. During one of Leo's broadcasts I foolishly decided to crank up the ad as Leo rattled off the latest on the Red Sox game. The blast came through his earphones as he spoke rapidly. Between errors and runs, Leo's "Jesus Christ" came so quickly that no one apparently heard it, or if they had, they didn't believe it. Anyway I avoided Leo for some time after.

I always enjoyed working for WKBR, and I'm pleased that it continues to fill the airways. My best to everyone there. Next time I'm in town I'll stop by to say "hello"..

John Scouffas (e-mail)

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