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January 19, 2002

I was incredibly surprised to see my "oldies DJ" pseudonym "Eric Parker" anywhere on the web! I was on WKBR with that name for just their last four months as a live music station playing oldies in late 1990. The "plug" was finally pulled in the first week of 1991. I had known of WKBR since 1967 when my family had driven through New Hampshire on trips. I could faintly hear it in certain spots in the suburbs north and west of Boston. It was truly a great legendary independent rock'n'roll station, like the original WMEX here in Boston.

"Eric Parker" also did oldies on the second-generation WMEX Boston 1150 AM in 1988, but I have not used that name or done commercial radio since WKBR January 1991. I've done a 60's/70's rock show under my real name at noncommercial WMBR MIT radio in Cambridge MA for nearly 20 years, and do overnight board-op and announcing at WBUR, Boston's NPR news station.

I could make airchecks available of my "Eric Parker" work at WKBR and WMEX at some point if you'd like. The WMEX airchecks are in true AM stereo! Who knows, maybe someday I'll see if "Eric" can find live work again in the Granite state!

Thank you,

Eli Polonsky (e-mail)
"Eric Parker 1988-1990"

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