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September 17, 1999

Really enjoyed the WKBR reunion on the web. I was a WKBR "groupie" in the early 1960's. When I got my First Class Radiotelephone License I worked for a summer at the transmitter on Goffstown Back Road. I also filled in on a few Sunday mornings and a few night shifts as a would-be announcer.

I well remember Bill Remick, Alan Paige and Doug Gove, all engineers and ham radio ops. I eventually worked for Al Auclair and Joe Maltais as Chief Engineer at both WEMJ and WKBK. Dick and Maddy Piper were working at WEMJ at the time.

My career took me away from the "toilet circuit" (a Tom Shovan quote) of northern New England Radio, when I joined WMUR-TV in 1965, winding up at WBZ-TV until 1973.

Do you know what became of Bill MacIver? He was a good friend I lost track of years ago.

I've kept in touch with Marty Sidman, and was a speaker on the same panel a few years ago with Bill Varney.

I'm now a long way from Manchester, operating my test equipment business from a suburb of Portland OR.

Linc (Nick Scott during my brief fill-in's on WKBR)
Leighton M. (Linc) Reed-Nickerson (e-mail)

September 26, 1999

There were two of us from South Acton, Massachusetts that both worked briefly at WKBR. Lester Veenstra, who did a summer at the transmitter, about 1965. I worked some fill in's both at the Back Road AM site and as an announcer in 1962/63. I filled in for Chuck Bessette a couple of times when he didn't show up for work, did some Sunday mornings...oh it was so much fun engineering for Henrietta Peltak (sp). She was a nice lady, but wouldn't wear headphones, so she was sure I upcut every record!


March 29, 2005 - update - Linc is now retired in Camas, WA (near Portland).

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